Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 6

I didn't follow the book for today's project.... and it was kind of an easy one... so I did two. 

The first one I did was making an eraser from a kit that we bought... I'm sure Melanie had a lot to say about that stupid kit... so make sure you head to her blog and read all about how much of a rip off it was.  As for me, well... I found the included tool very useful... but I will concede that overall the kit was not worth how ever much we spent on it.  I made a tiny orange moustache (yep... looks pretty much just like the carrot one.) and used up all the orange clay that came with the kit.

Looking forward to tomorrow's project... stencil time!   I think there is a project coming up that has to do with upcycling an old book into a project.  That sounds fun too...

Oh!  Here is the bonus project I did!

Made it for Mel... she knew I was making a Hello Kitty with nerd glasses.... she didn't know about the moustache though.... I tried adding some magnetic tape, but it didn't stick very well... we need to get the right sized glue for our glue gun so that I can put the magnets on it to make it into a fridge magnet. 

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  1. that eraser mustache looks ridiculously similar to your vegetable 'stache.